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Do you have characters but no plot? Do you have a plot but it's stuck in the middle and can't seem to get unstuck? Do you have a novel or story completed but it's been collecting rejections and you can't figure out why? Do you feel as if your writing needs a little something extra?

Author Judith Tarr offers her services as an all-purpose mentor and writing coach for writers of fiction. Services range from brainstorming plots and characters to breaking writer's block to editing and critiquing of finished work.

Pricing: $60 per hour. Deposit determined by length of project, and due on signing. Remainder due on completion of edit. Payment by check or PayPal (please add 5% for PayPal fees). We accept credit cards through PayPal.

Judith Tarr
DHF Lipizzans
PO Box 429
Vail, Arizona 85641


How does mentoring work?
That depends on what you need; the one common denominator is that all interactions except those local to Tucson, Arizona are through email. For assistance with plotting and getting started, we set up a dialogue. You tell me what you want to do, I ask questions and make suggestions, you respond, and we carry on from there. If you have all or part of a ms. and would like a critique, you send me the ms. (electronic submission preferred; Word or .rtf format, please), I read it, then I critique and/or edit.

What kind of editing services do you offer?
I offer three options for a complete or partial ms:
     Option A: Stuctural Overview. I will read your ms., make notes on structure and plot, and send you the notes along with a summary of questions and suggestions. If you wish, we will then discuss these suggestions and work together on revisions.
     Option B: Line Edit. This is the most lengthy and expensive option. I will read the ms. and edit word by word and line by line, editing for grammar, style, sense, and continuity.
     Option C: Combination. I will provide a structural overview plus a light line edit — editing for style, sense, and continuity.

What will it cost?
The rate per hour is $60. Option A will vary depending on length of ms. and amount of work to be done. In most cases a ms. of 100,000 words will take between 10 and 15 hours to read, review, and comment. Shorter mss. and short fiction will take correspondingly less time — usually between 3 and 6 hours. For Option B, figure 10 pages in Courier font per hour — between 40 and 60 hours, and more if the ms. needs a great deal of work. If this approaches the level of ghostwriting, we will negotiate the price accordingly. Option C will fall somewhere between depending on what needs to be done.

Will you look at query letters and samples?
Yes, I will, though I cannot help you find an agent or editor, nor can I guarantee that your work will be accepted. I will do my best to help you get it into submissible form. After that, it's yours.

Will you recommend me to an agent or editor? Will you help me get published?
This is outside the range of what I can do for you. My job is to help you become the best writer you can be. What you do with it is up to you.

Do you offer writing workshops and classes in real time?
I do offer "Horse Camp for Writers". If you would like a weekend workshop on writing in general, email with details and wish list.


You've dreamed of dancing white horses. You've hoped that someday you might be allowed, somehow, to touch one. You never quite dared to hope that you might actually be able to ride a Lipizzan.

Here is your chance to make the dream come true.

DHF Lipizzans near Tucson, Arizona offers a unique opportunity to spend up to a week on the farm. Learn all about the breed, with hands-on demos. Ride, do bodywork and groundwork, even do yoga if instructor is available.

Camp Lipizzan is available from March through May and from September through November, and in the summer by special request. Each Camp limited to 2-3 participants (two double rooms with shared bath—farmhouse accommodations). Further details here:

Pricing: Pricing: $375 per person includes 3days/2 nights’ worth of meals, lodging, and hot and cold running Lipizzans. $200 deposit per person on booking; remainder due 60 days in advance. Third night $75 per person, additional nights $50 per person per night. Lessons and yoga additional; email for rates and schedules.

Judith Tarr
DHF Lipizzans
PO Box 429
Vail, Arizona 85641

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